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CONTRARIAN (N) -a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion; goes against current practice.

Virgin Produced is a very different kind of media company. One that is creative, not controlling. One that is truly vertically integrated with a focus on quality and innovation. One that refuses to cut corners and doesn't use money to buy your love. One that has faith in its projects and partners. And one that likes to have a lot of fun with our brothers and sisters in the aviation, mobile, banking, hotel, health club, music, train, and video game industries. Virgin Produced very simply has balls and we're not afraid to show them. We apologize in advance. You might see our balls.


The Virgin brand has deep roots in media and entertainment. The brand started in 1970 with a record store and then expanded into a massive record label, mobile, video game, radio, festivals, media, and more (Not to mention airlines, trains, luxury resorts, gyms, and even a spaceship). Co-Founding Virgin Produced with Jason and Justin has brought the brand full circle in entertainment working with new and established talent, fresh material and reaching a global content thirsty audience in the most innovative of ways.

The Virgin brand fans are open, creative, optimistic, social, fun-loving and always young-at-heart — no matter what age. They stand out from the crowd. They set trends and fearlessly make unconventional decisions. They are smart and they want to be entertained in a fresh way. Understanding our target audience allows us to break archaic models and be more innovative and challenging in the way we interact. Working with us is fun and an incredible opportunity. Sometimes you even get to party with our commonly logo’ed planes, phones, spaceships and such — each operating across five continents. Oh hell, don't let the big name fool you: we live and die with the quality of the creative we produce.

About Sir Richard

Richard Branson is the innovative, fun and charismatic Sir behind the Virgin lifestyle brand. His deep roots in the entertainment industry and entrepreneurial spirit came full circle in 2010 when he co-founded Virgin Produced. This combined with his rebellious nature and likeminded partners surely makes the unexpected happen.

Jason Felts

Producer/Entrepreneur Jason Felts co-founded and serves as Chairman & CEO of Virgin Produced, the film, television and new media content development, packaging and production arm of the Virgin Group. As one of the youngest CEO’s within the Virgin Group of companies, Felts also sits on Virgin’s Global Brand Council supporting the brand’s marketing initiatives as well as serving as consultant to many Virgin branded companies globally. Named by Variety as one of the top “10 Producers to Watch”, Felts has built Virgin Produced into a globally respected content producer and marketer. Felts, alongside Chief Creative Officer Justin Berfield, oversee a full service development team responsible for the packaging and production of commercial quality film, television, and commercial content reflective of the Virgin brand. In 2010, Felts led Virgin Produced into a multi year co-production deal with Relativity Media in which the two companies developed and co-produced a slate of films together. The inaugural film, ‘Limitless’ opened #1 and grossed over $162M worldwide. Following was ‘Machine Gun Preacher’, ‘Immortals’ and comedies ‘Movie 43’ and ’21 & Over’. In 2013, Felts took Virgin Produced fully independent of any specific studio affiliation which, has resulted in a robust slate including co-partnership on Summit’s 'The Impossible’, Open Road’s ‘Jobs’ starring Ashton Kutcher and Focus Features' ‘That Awkward Moment’ starring Zac Efron. Under Felts’ direction, the company has also launched it’s own unique short form content channel, the Virgin Produced Channel, which is currently available onboard Virgin airlines with significant expansion plans in place to reach a targeted 60M+ content thirsty consumers. Felts’ start in the business came in the early 2000’s working for an international commercial and music video production company and quickly transitioned to the launch of his first company in 2005 which, went on to develop, package and produce of over a dozen films and television pilots and series. Felts sits on various boards in the technology and media industries including the Cayman Islands Film Commission. Although not as smart or as good looking as the team he leads, Felts is proud that Virgin Produced doesn't operate as a bunch of rug salesmen, but instead puts quality and innovation first. Seriously.

Justin Berfield

Former actor turned producer, Justin Berfield starred in or has produced over 250 episodes of television before he even grew a whisker. That's right, we're talking six television series before puberty. As an actor, Justin is best known for portraying the role of the rebellious 'Reese' on FOX's Emmy Award winning series MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE. In 2005, Justin moved behind the camera, co-founding J2 Pictures & J2TV with business partner Jason Felts. Together, they created and executive produced a dozen films and television pilots and series for FOX, MTV, E!, Animal Planet, and CMT. Under his creative direction, Virgin Produced launched it’s own unique short form content channel, the Virgin Produced Channel, which is currently available onboard Virgin airlines with significant expansion plans in place to reach a targeted 60M+ content thirsty consumers. As Chief Creative Officer at Virgin Produced, Justin oversees our creative team across all platforms including film (both in Hollywood and Bollywood), Unscripted and Scripted television and of course the Virgin Produced Channel he conceived. Most importantly, he is responsible for watching over the brand on the whole to ensure no piece of content is produced or distributed that isn’t reflective of the Virgin brand. In fact, follow the 'produced' link to your left for a taste.

Tobin Armbrust

Tobin Armbrust is President of Worldwide Production and Acquisitions at Virgin Produced. Prior to joining us, Armbrust held the same position at Exclusive Media. Armbrust produced the music comedy “Begin Again” starring Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Adam Levine and Hailee Steinfeld from writer/director John Carney.Previously, he executive produced Ron Howard’s epic action thriller “Rush,” starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl, “Parkland”, the box office hit “End of Watch”, the fast paced thriller “Snitch”, and the action romantic comedy “Hit and Run” starring Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper. Other films Armbrust has produced include “The Quiet Ones,”, “The Woman in Black”, “Let Me In”, “The Resident” and “The Way Back”. Prior to joining Exclusive Media, Tobin served as a producer at Thunder Road, a production company with a first look deal at Warner Bros. Armbrust oversaw over thirty projects in various stages of development, and Co-Produced “Firewall" starring Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany. Before joining Thunder Road, Armbrust spent seven years at Intermedia. At Intermedia he held positions as both a VP of Business Development as well as a VP of Production. He began his career in the film industry as Head of Acquisitions at The Steel Company, a Los Angeles based agency, which represented some of the largest film distributors in the world, including Canal Plus, Samsung, and Pony Canyon. Probably fitting for any career in Hollywood, Tobin studied and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at UCSB. Desperate to not give up his youth, he continued his education onward with a Rotary Scholarship to study Business at the University of Munich, Germany. Prost! (aka Cheers!)

Rene Rigal

Rene looks after film development and production here at Virgin Produced. Having begun his career as an independent producer Rene can troubleshoot like none other. Prior to joining Virgin Produced, Rene served as VP of Development & Production at State Street Pictures (NOTORIOUS, SOUL FOOD, MEN OF HONOR, BARBERSHOP I & II) where he developed, packaged and was involved in all areas of production for the Twentieth Century Fox based production company. So go ahead, have your people call his people so we can work together.

Huntley Ritter

As our top dog in Commercial & Branded Entertainment, Huntley Ritter oversees and runs the commercial and branded entertainment department including, production, commercial initiatives, advertisements, online, and unscripted television...Basically anything that tells a brand's story. Huntley and our creative team work from concept to delivery and while a chunk of his toolkit is dedicated to our sister companies and their agencies, he ensures we are an equal opportunity producer who values innovative creative regardless of the clients' logo.

Barrick Prince

Barrick Prince (no, not of 'Purple Rain' fame) oversees unscripted TV for Virgin. Prince cut his teeth early on at WMA. Itchy for fresh content, he headed to the UK where he procured international formats for FOX. A few months in, he spotted SUPERNANNY and was on a plane back to the US having secured Europe's hottest format. As he walked off his ___X___ flight (not Virgin), he learned his first lesson in TV: Never be unreachable! While in the sky, ABC made a better offer. Prince made lemonade and went after and secured NANNY 911 and WORST WEEK. In 2008, Prince formed his own consulting firm serving Fremantle, Fox Intl Channels and the UK's cable channels at Virgin Media.

Jennifer Cron

Creative Executive, Jennifer Cron, is the first point of entry at Virgin Produced for any feature script, literary work or shower thought. After (pretentiously) begging for an agent for Chanukah at age 7, Jennifer quickly cultivated an interest in entertainment. She eventually left the mean streets of Pacific Palisades to obtain her degree in Theatre/Film at Northwestern University. She began her career as a Casting Producer (aka professional Dreammaker/Breaker) for CBS's ‘Survivor' & 'The Amazing Race', while also independently producing in the scripted space. Pursuing her unhealthy love of movies (& buttered popcorn), she then cut her teeth at CAA before venturing on to help produce the Oscars (aka Academy Awards). We stole her from Oscar but that's a story for another time.

Brian Skuletich

Brian Skuletich, or Skuley as we call him toils away in physical production working on commercials, branded entertainment and our unscripted content. He is an ace at managing our sets and crunching numbers, skills he has honed for nearly a decade. He thrives off taking our creative concepts and bringing them to life and plays well with others when we let him out of his cage.

Rebecca Farrell

Rebecca, aka The Glue, serves as Director of Operations for Virgin Produced. She's the adhesive that keeps this place together. Rebecca oversees every aspect of everything that's important operationally and nobody messes with her, mainly because she is a former rugby player from back east. She also manages the day to day logistics of our Virgin Produced Channel working with our creative team to curate content specific to each platform. Prior to joining Virgin Produced, Rebecca worked for J2TV & J2 Pictures where she did the same job without the business card to prove it.

Darin Frank

As Virgin's main transactional legal eagle in the entertainment biz, Darin Frank is around to keep us creative types on the straight and narrow. He's a partner in his firm, with a big fancy high-rise office in Beverly Hills. (He actually has and wears a suit.) However, he did go to law school at UCBerkeley which we will forgive him for.


We looked around and no company has an online profile on their assistants, and we think that is just rude. After all, everyone knows that they do everything. Our incredibly talented, sexy (can we say that?) and hardworking support team consists of some wonderful individuals that you will meet when we invite you over!

Once You See It You Can't Unsee It

The outrageous ensemble comedy stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood. This film is not for the easily-offended with its jaw-dropping, often disturbing, but always entertaining intertwined storylines. We apologize in advance.



This division focuses on producing short form commercials, breakthrough virals, innovative industrials, and excels at 360º campaigns. We focus our creative and production on quality, a trait which has built our own brand into one of the most respected globally. If there's one thing we understand it's the power of a brand's message and on being ahead of the consumer curve. While many of the tools in our chest are dedicated to the Virgin family of companies, we are an equal opportunity producer who enjoys working with other innovative brands. Be sure to scroll and click through the below for a peek at our work.